Alumna, Presenter/Workshop Facilitator

    Kristin Buckbee
    Kristin Buckbee is a Waldorf Alumna, teacher, artist, researcher and parent living in upstate NY.
    She initially taught 7 th through 12 th graders in a variety of Waldorf school settings. Deeper questions
    around the nature of learning in our times brought her to initiate a new, mixed-ages, school form which
    is currently in its third year.
    Kristin has a deep interest in researching child development and the nature of learning in the context of
    our modern, digital world. She works with different organizations that do research into the effects of
    technology on the development of human consciousness. She is a member of the pedagogical section
    and on the board of the Center for Contextual Studies, an organization with an interest in facilitating
    conversation around new forms in education.