Alumna, Youth Section Goetheanum

    Workshop: Celebrating the Three-foldness of Our Schools: teachers, pupils, parents.

    Andrea was born in Spain in 1989. She attended Waldorf School in Madrid from Kindergarten until Class 10 and then continued her education at the Rudolf Steiner School in Edinburgh. Her fascination for theatre and storytelling led her to study drama and performing arts at university. She specialised in creative production and community theatre so that she could apply artistic practice and creative entrepreneurship to social and educational settings. In London she worked as an events producer and coordinated networking programmes for young people and grassroots initiatives. Her passion for human relationships combined with a deep interest in education and youth, led her to study Waldorf Pedagogy and Anthroposophy at the Goetheanum. She has been a member of the Youth Section’s team in Dornach since 2017, focusing on the project (Re)Search: The Spiritual Striving of Youth: Shaping Our Reality